Dear all visitors my name Sokpee Sumsot i am a English Tour Guide and Tour Assistance of team of tour guides almost 15 years, working around the temples of Angkor Archaeological Park and Cambodia since 1995. I am married and have four children, all boys. In 1995 I started working as a motorcycle driver for tourist until 2000, when I moved forward to work as a car driver. In 2005 I decided to start working as a tour guide, and that's what I do nowadays. I can help you organize your transport around Cambodia and suggest places to visit. I hope my background will help you decide to hire me, it's a small step for sustainable development and you would be helping me to support my family. Most of us in the area of Siem Reap work within the tourism industry, and the income provided by tourists is helping us to alleviate poverty. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to think about your role in Cambodia's economy, and think about the impact you want to make in the lives of Cambodian people. Choosing to travel independently will help us, drivers, to earn a living and support our families. Thanks for your support!! See you in Siem Reap!!
Team Of Tour Guide
Mr Bohpa Kroch

MR Bopha Kroch.
Is a professional tour license. Started this work from 2006 almost 10 years experiences, He been English teacher at Angkor Organization School. He car share you history, building, culture, specially photographer and be your best
MR Sayouen Ven
MR Sayouen Ven

Is a professional license tour started this work from 2003 almost 13 years experiences.
He been English teacher for kids at Angkor Organization School.He can share more history, culture, building and local life, photographer and he can be your best friend in Siem Reap.
MR Lekh  Puy

MR Lekh Puy.
He a professional license tour guide in Siem Reap training from tourist office he been this work 2008 almost 8 years but he had more than 200 review from our customers. He will share you more history, building, culture and a great photographer be your best in Siem Reap.
MR Sophal Phat

MR Sophal Phat.
He is a professional tour guide that got training from tourist office, He been this work from 2007 almost 9 years experiences he is the most more reviews from our travelers who made trip with him Siem Reap. He can be your best friend.

MR Siella Van

MR Siella Van.
He is an experiences tour guide license got training from tourist office. He can bring you in car or cycling around temples side. He will sharing you more with local experiences, history, culture, specially he an awesome photographer guide.

MR Sokpee Sumsot is a license of English tour guide in Siem Reap he been this work almost 15 years and now he is an assistance of team but he be your guide some of day he available.

MR Bon Chem

MR Chem Bon.
He a best guide in our team he been work with this job for long time, He is the most of history and great with English. You can have lots of questions with him about history, building and culture he will bring you more adventure around and avoid crowds of tourist even temple to busy.